Other ideas submitted

Health Region Entity Title Material
Andalucía EPES 061 Cádiz. Health Emergencies Hydroalcoholic solution single dose towelettes. Minimizing barriers
Serranía de Málaga Health District Join your hand
La Luz Primary Healthcare Center (Málaga) Our clean hands
Alto Guadalquivir Hospital Planning for evaluation by direct observation of hand hygiene practices in a multi-center hospital complex
Jerez Hospital For your health’s sake. Hand hygiene saves lives
Poniente Hospital Surgical hand hygiene implementation using hydroalcoholic solutions at the surgical unit of the Poniente Hospital in Almería
Vírgen de la Victoria Hospital. Málaga Continuous clinical monitoring of the implementation of hand hygiene recommendations
Vírgen de la Victoria Hospital (Málaga) Training in hospital hygiene for students of any organization doing their hospital practical training internships in this center
Puerto Real University Hospital. Preventive Medicine Unit Your hands are important
Vírgen del Rocío University Hospital XXI century anonymous work
Río Tinto Hospital. Pediatric Unit Global Hand Hygiene Day
Punta Umbría Clinical Management Unit (CMU) Standardizing procedures at the Punta Umbría Clinical Management Unit. Patient safety strategy in home care: medication and first aid kit review, risk of falls, hand hygiene counseling and risk of pressure ulcer

Priego de Córdoba Clinical Management Unit (CMU) Interactive program on Hand Hygiene in primary healthcare: your clean hands protect others

San Pedro Alcántara Clinical Management Unit (CMU)

Open door day on hand hygiene and patient safety at the Clinical Management Unit of San Pedro Alcántara Hospital

Audiovisual practical workshop on hand hygiene (We protect and increase the safety of our patients)

Puerta del Mar University Hospital, Cádiz Preventing infections is in your hands

Carlos Haya Regional University Hospital 5 moments for HH video installation at all the nursing control points of the hospital, patient rooms and waiting rooms
Catalonia Patient Safety Promotion Service Learn from childhood Video

MQ Center. Reus

From one hand to another
Santa Caterina Hospital. Martí and Juliá Hospital Complex, Salt (Girona) Global Hand Hygiene Day 2011
Mora dÈbre Regional Hospital Orange ribbon pin to help raise awareness during the Global Hand Hygiene Day
Valencia La Plana Health Department Do you have 30 seconds? It will only be 5 moments

Arnau de Vilanova Hospital Software tool for monitoring hand hygiene. Adherence to the program and appropriate glove use and hand hygiene technique
Elche University Hospital. (Department nº 20). Master course on hand hygiene
Elche University Hospital. (Department 20). 5 reasons to wash your hands
Valencia’s General University Hospital Consortium Dirty Hands? No, Thank You
Torrevieja Hospital Information systems, a tool for reinforcing hand hygiene