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Andalucía Bajo Guadalquivir Public Health Management Corporation (EPSBG) We all have a say in hand hygiene. Comic strip contest for EPSBG health personnel
Cordoba Health District Clean hands, safe hands
University Hospital Vírgen de la Macarena and Health District Raising awareness and disseminating the message of the Global Hand Hygiene Day through ONCE (Spanish National Organization of the Blind) lottery coupons
Aragón San Juan de Dios Hospital Hand Hygiene saves lives. Strategies for Patient Safety Awareness Program for healthcare workers, patients and their relatives

Diptych 1

Diptych 1


Family and Community Medicine Teaching Unit (FCM). Zaragoza III – Calatayud Health Area Chain reaction: FCM residents for hand hygiene. Clean hands saves lives 2011 contest
MAZ MATEPSS Nº 11. Occupational Risks Prevention Service First Week of Hand Hygiene in Health Care in Maz
Asturias San Agustin Hospital Hand Hygiene Poster Contest
San Agustin Hospital Pantomime sketches depicting handwashing and the WHO’s 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
Canary Islands Lanzarote Health District Directorate WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in Primary Care Video Workshop
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Hospital Puppet theater: “May 5th: The Life Savers Day” Puppets (imagen)
La Palma General Hospital Popular videoclip: I am loyal to my alcohol handrub



Cantabria Laredo Hospital Photo contest: "Hand Hygiene in health care environments”
Tanos Primary Healthcare Center What about taking this to the street? Let’s shout about the importance of clean handss
Sierrallana Day Care Hospital "Gotta see it to believe it"



Castilla-La Mancha Primary Care Division de Talavera de la Reina Let’s take care of our elders in Talavera. They are also in our hands
Ciudad Real General University Hospital

Training professionals from the start: Hand hygiene workshop at the Medical and Nursing Schools of the CRGUH

Involving the patients: “ Hand Hygiene Poster Contest at the CRGH for professionals and users

Triptych 1

Triptych 2

Triptych 3

Promotional materials 1

Promotional materials 2

Catalonia Parc Taulí Health Corporation "These are my hands"
Mutua Terrasa University Hospital (Barcelona) General Session commemorating Global Hand Hygiene Day
MAR de Barcelona Health Complex PSMAR Hand Hygiene Campaign 2011

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Ceuta Ceuta Health Area

1x1 Project: Individual alcohol handrub solution dispensers “1 hospitalized patient = 1 dispenser at the bed’s foot or head


Virgen del Puerto Hospital

Who is living in your hands?
Plasencia Health Area

Comic strip and drawing contest on hand hygiene in health care centers for schools

Galicia Vigo University Hospital Complex. Nursing Team. Neonatology Unit Periodical talks on preventing nosocomial infections in premature babies
Meixueiro Hospital Promoting Hand Hygiene Habits Poster
Madrid Primary Health Care Division of the Madrid Health Service Clean hands, safe hands. Give us a hand!

Call for Ideas on Hand Hygiene

Educational material

Madrid Association of Preventive Nursing (AMEP) Crossword puzzle on the theme of hand hygiene: CRUCIGR@MANOS (the name In Spanish is a word game with “hands” and “crossword”)

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Infanta Leonor University Hospital

Proposal 1: Clean hands marathon: white nights

Proposal 2: Do you know what´s in your hands?

Murcia Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital. Area I Clean Hands Medical Air-Health Company
Murcia Health Service. 061 Emergency Services Hand Hygiene: This is an emergency
Management Unit of the V Health Area Puppet theater: Don´t forget to wash your hands!
Navarra CHNA Preventronic 5.5
Basque Country MUTUALIA Show the handwashing video in hospital waiting rooms
Cruces Hospital. Preventive Medicine Service Hand hygiene awareness raising campaign for health care providers




La Rioja San Pedro Hospital. Preventive Medicine Unit (Logroño) Improving hand hygiene in a funny way
Valencia Marina Baixa Health Department

Making strides in hand hygiene: going forward to May 5th

La Ribera Health Department May 5th. WHO Global Hand Hygiene Day - Saving lives is in your hands
Manises Health Department Washing your hands prevents infections