Methodology development and impact Assessment in Patient safety education for improving Effectiveness


Project Title
Methodology development and impact Assessment in Patient safety education for improving Effectiveness (MAP4E)
This work is co-financed by The European Union's Erasmus+ programme, Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Project period
01/09/2016 – 30/11/2018
Description of the Project
The main goal of the project is to improve patient safety by developing and disseminating effective education courses for healthcare professionals. Specifically, the project is intent to develop an educational content and methodology, based on the opinion of clinicians, to facilitate their daily work to improve patient safety, and to create recommendations for best practices.
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These recommendations should be useful for all European countries to educate and train professionals in different organizational cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The involvement of multiple countries with different health systems and cultures takes into consideration the factors influencing effectiveness of the proposed educational materials. The subjects in this project are healthcare professionals involve in direct patient care.

This project is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide and on the successful experience of the EU Joint Action PaSQ (Patient Safety and Quality of Care) project, which have assessed and shared already existing best practices in Member States to improve patient safety.

The project aims to develop an educational methodology, for healthcare professionals, on relevant aspects in patient safety and specifically, on the transition of care (handover) to prevent harm to the patient during the transference of care between different health services or clinical units.

At the methodological level, a literature review is needed on the impact of different training methods used in handover to change professional's behavior. The necessary instruments will be developed or adapted to support the training of professionals on handover, as well as instruments to evaluate the training impact.

Training activities will be carry out in hospitals in Hungary and Poland and their impact will be evaluated. The result of the project would be recommendations based on the effectiveness of the educational methodology implemented to improve patient safety, during handover that will be useful for EU countries.

Partners / Activities



Health Services Management Training Centre
Semmelweis University
Project Leader

Drafting of recommendations on teaching materials; develop, apply and evaluate the educational methodology; drafting the final recommendations.




Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality

Participation providing information about evidences and PaSQ experiences in educational methodology in patient safety. Guidance on the development of handover educational methodology and instruments for implementation. Participation in the evaluation of results and in the drafting of final recommendations.




Towarzystwo Promocji Jakosci Opieki Zdrowotnej w Polsce
Polish Society for Quality Promotion in Healhcare

Participation in the development and application of educational methodology; participation in the evaluation of the results and in the drafting of the final recommendations.

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